How to Watch HTC 10 Live Streaming ?

So, Finally this April 12 most awaited day for HTC and smartphone fans all over the world. Today, hTC is going to announce its next generation flagship phone “HTC 10”. From past few months we are covering all the news and updates of HTC One 10 aka HTC 10 Smartphone on this blog and now this is the final day.

HTC 10 aka HTC One M10 Live Streaming

This device is going to have really high end specifications and features. Before we see HTC 10 Live Streaming here is quick recap for you. It will features 4GB RAM, snapdragon 820 processor, 5.2 inch QHD display with 1440 X 2560 pixels. An Ultrapixel camera, OIS based selfie camera, Dust and Water Resistance, Boom Sound, Type-C USB and a large battery which runs all day long. You can check detailed report of HTC One M10 here.

How to Watch HTC 10 Live Streaming Online?

HTC is scheduled to start it launching event today. As per the official information, live streaming will be available on most probably through their official youtube channel at 8 PM Eastern timings. You can note down timings for HTC One 10 Live streaming from below table as well:

City HTC 10 Live Streaming
New York, USA 8:00 AM
San Francisco, USA 5:00 AM
Canada 9:00 AM
London, UK 1:00 PM
Paris, France 2:00 PM
Barcelona, Spain 2:00 PM
South Africa 2:00 PM
Russia 3:00 PM
Dubai, UAE 4:00 PM
Pakistan 5:00 PM
Delhi, India 5:30 PM
Indonesia 7:00 PM
China, Hong Kong, Singapore 8:00 PM
South Korea, Japan 9:00 PM
Australia 10:00 PM

We’ll also be streaming the HTC 10 launch video from the top of this very page, and the benefit of watching it here rather than over at HTC’s site is you’ll also benefit from our HTC 10 launch live blog. Not only will we provide a recap of everything that was said, plus pictures, but we will provide expert analysis on what those announcements really mean. So, Stay tuned with us as.

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For more updates and leaks of HTC 10 (One M10) stay tuned with us and if you have problem in seeing HTC 10 Live Streaming then feel free to make your queries by commenting below. Enjoy the HTC 10 Streamings.

HTC ONE M10 vs Galaxy S7: Comparison

Update: So, now  HTC 10 aka (ONE 10) Smartphone is launched and available. HTC 10 smartphone comes with 5.2 inch large SUPER LCD 5 display having QHD resolution. You can check out complete specs of HTC ONE 10 here.

From the official specifications of hTC 10 Smartphone it’s quite exciting to see such a beautiful smartphone with this kind of high end specification and features like Boom Sound, OIS camera will make this comparison interesting. In 2016, either Galaxy s7 or HTC 10 is going to be one of the top end device. Both these phablets are reported with powerful specification which makes it quite difficult to choose the best out from them. Here we are have Samsung Galaxy S7 vs HTC ONE M10 to compare these gadgets.

HTC One M10 vs Galaxy S7

Earlier both these phones are reported to have 4K display but now as we can see non of them have 4k, both phones came out with 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution. As per recent launch, HTC 10 flagship with 5.2 inch SUPER LCD 5 display and will have curved Gorilla glass protection. But wait a second, Samsung will also announce Galaxy S7 Edge variants with 5.5 inch display. So, we can easily judge that Samsung is offering more variety to their customer which is really great move.

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Which is going to perform well?

Well in late 2015, Qualcomm has launched their fastest processor “Snapdragon 820”. Both Smartphone’s will have 4GB RAM and come with 32, 64 and 128 GB storage capacity. HTC is going to have Snapdragon 820 SoC while Samsung is rumoured to have Exynos 8890 processor which an in-house mobile chip-set by Samsung. We also saw Galaxy S7 GeekBench benchmarks which are really impressive with highest score. Sounds really amazing!

Talking about camera performance of this device, HTC and Samsung are expected to bring a 20+ MP camera this year. Samsung will have their latest BRITECELL sensors or IMX300 which are made to offer amazing picture quality even in low lights. Both these devices will run on Android v6.0 Marshmallow OS.

So, far we have compared them at camera, processor and memory level and we think that both device are moderately similar. Let’s take look on price comparison.

one m10 vs galaxy s7
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Galaxy S7 vs HTC ONE M10: Price comparison

HTC has recently launched their ONE X9 which is going to be available from January at price of 370 USD. This can be great indicator that HTC is taking their price really in budgets so that to boost up sales in 2016. We are expecting HTC ONE 10 price to fall somewhere in the range of $699. While at the other hand you will get Galaxy S7 at price of 699 USD.

Although at this point you can say Samsung is going to better then HTC but wait! Both these device are not officially announced yet. So, just wait for MWC Event to choose the best from HTC One M10 vs Galaxy S7. HTC is also reported to have an HTC ONE M10 Plus variant this year.

We are soon going to update this comparison with more accurate details to help you out. You can also share your thoughts by commenting below and don’t forget to like and share by clicking below social buttons.

The HTC One M10 only needs a few crucial changes

The HTC One series has been one of my favourite chain of flagships in the last couple of years. I was enamoured with the design, the specifications when the HTC One M7 was declared, and yes, I even enjoyed the 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera that most folks despised. When the better and marginally larger HTC One M8 was released, I was fairly happy with the main complete.

Update: As per the latest details HTC is going to launch HTC ONE 10 aka HTC M10 Flagship in a separate event scheduled to be held in April 19, 2016. The phone will have 5.15 inch QHD display, 4GB RAM and run Snapdragon 820 processor.

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I’ve considered that maybe I only felt underwhelmed by the M9 merely because the Samsung Galaxy S6, a solid rival for the HTC One both in operation and in release dates, had this year. With the addition of the Galaxy S6 Edge and also the S6’s layout change, anything released close to the S6 would have had hard competition. At the close of the day the M9 really was lacking in certain places which are reasonably easy to mend.

htc m10

Check: Complete Specs of HTC ONE M10 Here

Few Things must be upgraded with HTC ONE M10 :-

The Camera

First and foremost, HTC still needs to concentrate on the camera aspect of things. It didn’t work well for folks attempting to crop or enlarge the photos, while UltraPixel might have worked for people like me who mainly browse photographs on their telephone.

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With the M9, HTC chose to swap the UltraPixel camera out on the back of the device for a much more traditional 20-megapixel camera. The camera doesn’t feature OIS (optical image stabilization), but instead EIS (electronic image stabilization), which is the same notion as OIS except for EIS stabilizes the picture electronically via the software. It is a cheaper process of reaching a similar effect, but EIS can decrease the grade of the picture. Although EIS doesn’t disturb many people (myself included) it does bother quite a few with the decrease in image quality. OIS may be a better option for the following generation HTC One.

Fingerprint Sensor

I am about 98% certain that this is going to be a feature in the next HTC One device, especially considering that it is a feature of the HTC One M9 (not accessible the States). I never understood how much I would appreciate the fingerprint detector until I had one, but it is a real comfort in knowing that nobody aside from me can access my items. while I look for a new telephone later on, a fingerprint sensor will be a must-have feature for me.

Design Layout

The last thing that I Had like to see on the following gen HTC One is a design that is different. I am still fairly pleased with the aluminium stuff used to house the innards of the HTC One and discover it to be superior in both look and feel. Nevertheless, I do believe that the design should be tweaked. You are aware that the layouts of the M9 as well as the M8 are not too dissimilar when one of your own employees mixes up which telephone is which in an ad. I think this was likely one of the largest reasons that consumers were not exactly jumping with delight over the M9.

Apart from that, I think the HTC One is a really solid device. Nonetheless, competition is intense these days and should you need to be the finest of the best you’re going to have to nail all important components of the telephone.

Readers, what are your thoughts about the HTC One these days? Do you believe the M9 was an excellent upgrade to the M8, or are you hoping to see more with the following generation? Let’s know your ideas in the comments below! The release date of HTC One M10 and One M10 MAX Smartphone is expected with MWC 2016 which is in Feb this year.

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