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HTC ONE M10 vs. LG G5: Which one is best?

This year we have are going to see some really high end smartphone’s and once again it will be difficult to choose the best of these giants. Yes, Samsung and LG has already launched their flagship phone and now its htc’s turn. HTC is going to launch HTC 10 aka HTC one M10 Smartphone on April 12. Check out the latest HTC 10 teaser video launched by official hTC youtube channel:

All these smartphone’s are reported to back snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB RAM. Samsung and LG has already unveiled their flagships at MWC while Now if you already made your mid to choose either Galaxy S7 or LG G5 then surely you are going to miss something as HTC is also coming with something out of the box flagship this time. With ” LG G5 vs. HTC ONE M10 ” we are going to compare both these high end phone on the basis of their specs and features. You can check Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 here.

lg g5

HTC ONE M10 (HTC 10) vs LG G5

LG G5 is already official now and is going to be available now. HTC 10 is rumoured to have a unibody design mobile phone with powerful specs, better camera and large battery life. So, it going to be quite interesting to see which flagship wins here.

Recently launched LG G5 Smartphone comes with 5.3 inch large IPS LCD display having 1440 X 2560 pixels resolution always-on display while HTC M10 will have 5.2 inch AMOLED display as Galaxy S7. This year LG has made some really innovative changes to their flagship with brining modular design, removable battery, magic slot and quality camera they are really verge of becoming best android smartphone of 2016. But wait we still have one more flagship to come and that is HTC ONE M10. As per reports HTC is also developing an all-metal smartphone with high end specs.

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HTC will have an OIS featuring selfie camera and Boom Sound which gives it a upper hand over Galaxy S7 and LG G5. Let’s take a look on comparison table for these two giants devices here.

HTC 10 aka HTC One M10 vs. LG G5: Comparison Table

Smartphone HTC 10 (M10) LG G5
Display 5.2 inch Super LCD 5
1440 X 2560 display
~564 ppi
HTC Sense 8 UI
5.3 inch IPS LCD
1440 X 2560 pixels display
~554 ppi Pixel Density
LG Optimus 5 UI
OS Android Marshmallow Android Marshmallow
Processor Snapdragon 820 Snapdragon 820
GPU Adreno 530 Adreno 530
Storage 32 GB / 64 GB
Micro SD up to 2TB
32 GB Internal,
Micro SD up to 200 GB
Camera 12 MP f/1.8 OIS,
5 MP OIS front camera
16 MP wide angle camera,
8 MP front camera
Sensors OIS, HDR, Panorama,
Laser autofocus,
face & smile detection, Boom Sound, Hi-Fi
OIS, Touch Focus, LED Flash,
Geo-tagging, touch focus, Face detection, HDR, Panorama
USB USB Type-C v3.0, USB Type-C, USB On-the-Go
Battery 3000 mAh 2800 mAh removable

Looking at comparison table, except from battery specs both phone’s look like similar with manufacturer name changed. LOL! HTC and LG both will have IR Blaster and fingerprint sensors which further makes it hard to choose the best one from them.


You can choose any of these high end devices as both are quite similar if we neglect few features. But we always recommend you to go with HTC 10 as it offer slightly better features with Boom Sound, latest SUPER LCD display, Hi-Fi music and best camera features. We will update you with more details of these device. You can leave you opinion or query by commenting below. We will love to answer you question here.

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4 thoughts on “HTC ONE M10 vs. LG G5: Which one is best?”

  1. Already in love with the LG G5…waiting to see what HTC say they are up all night perfecting for us. I really do hope that 4000mAh battery is for real cuz I have been stressing the need for HTC to build a battery centric flagship on their next outing. Another concern of mine has to do with their obsession for huge bezels which I dislike…hopefully those will be tamed on this phone.
    Will obviously love ffs but will settle for two stereo speakers at the bottom.
    I may be sold on the 4000mAh battery spec.
    Then again I am highly expecting killer Nexus from HTC with a monster battery. We will see…will it be the HTC 10, G5 or the Nexus which I must have after skipping the last few yrs.

    1. I had the original HTC One M7 and I have the M9 now and even before I saw the pics and specs, I was already wondering if not having front facing speakers would bother me especially if improvements were made in other areas. That being said, both cameras having image stabilization and the 24 bit DAC audio combined with the front-top tweeter and bottom sub woofer has me drooling! The M9 has been absolutely great for me but that “10” seems almost perfect…especially if the carriers leave in the headphones. Honestly, I usually only use the front speakers when showing a video or something to a friend or occasionally myself. At least 80% of the time I am wearing headphones and if the audio is as good as advertised, I will take the swap!


  3. looking at the specs and their similarities one might assume that their performance are comparable. but to be honest? HTC is one of if not the most durable and rugged device produced right now. superior feel and build and tough tough tough! my M8 was driven over (don’t ask…freak accident) the screen was the only part showing physical damage, yet was still working well. all i needed was a screen replacement. how many other phones would have been crushed to smithereens? HTC Sense UI overlay is by far the best UI! but i guess you gotta get one to really understand that HTC owners are part of an elite club! Come join us #ownanHTC

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