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HTC One 10 / HTC Perfume (M10): Complete Roundup March

So, Finally HTC 10 Smartphone is launched now and you can preorder it. Check out official launch video below:

From past few months we all are hearing multiple rumours and leaks that HTC will change the name of its flagship this year but unfortunately we didn’t got any official leaks. When it come’s to name we thing HTC will retain it’s numeric one 10 or even we can see complete One 10 as in as naming of next flagship which is also leaked in recent time from htc’s official source (product listing).

Sony has also changed name of it’s premium Xperia Z series to Xperia X now and as per news they will not release Z6 now. Meanwhile the CES and MWC 2016 are over now and we got few decent high end android phablets this year.

We have seen Galaxy S7 and LG G5 both are really superb device with powerful multi-tasking capabilities. HTC is supposed to launch HTC One m10 aka HTC 10 Smartphone soon in April. From past few week naming rumours are on peak. We still didn’t have any confirmed news but HTC official youtube channel has recently uploaded a teaser video naming power of 10 which is clear pointing for the HTC One 10 mobile phone. As per video, this smartphone is going to offer far better user interface, design and features as they always tried to make our experience better.

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htc 10

HTC One 10 (hTC M10) Specs Round up:

Well we already know most of specs, but as per updates it will have 5.15 inch AMOLED QHD display with having 1440 X 2560 pixels and 16 million colors. The phone is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 4. It’s going to have beautiful uni-body design with metal chassis. You will also get upgraded HTC Sense UI with new One 10.

Most of the specification of this device are quite similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagship which is now available like AMOLED display, powerful processor, removable battery, camera and protection features.

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What make’s htc better than other?

htc one 10

Well HTC ONE 10 is going to complete package of brilliant customer user interface with innovative high end specifications. We have multiple reasons to wait for HTC ONE M10. Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the leading android smartphone now but not the best as it does not have many features that are expected from long time.

HTC One 10 is going to have Quick Charing 3.0 technology which will enhances the battery changing capability, with this you can charge you smartphone with in minutes. It will have upgraded camera lenses having UltraPixels which are supposed to offer better quality images with bigger viewing angle. It will have USB Type-C giving and extra edge to the beast.

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So, we have enough reasons to wait for HTC’s flagship. We will update you soon with more rumours and news of htc one m10 / htc 10 smartphone here. So, stay tuned with us. You can also leave your thoughts by commenting below and before leaving make sure to like and share us on social media by clicking below sharing buttons.

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  1. Super excited and hope that they have a sweet promo price,I will be switching to HTC and never going back to any other brand,this will be my first and I’m looking foward to the experience.

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